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Ritex was founded in 1959.

Mainly as a start dedicated to embroidery of fabrics for non-European countries.

Early 1970s the first breakthrough. Thanks to the collaboration with Noritex begin the first embroideries for lingerie with the development of edges on bottom 15 dinars.

In the late 1970s, the first items on rigid tulle also began to be produced in a very limited way  for the lingerie and nightwear market.

Early 1980s the second breakthrough that will profoundly change the continuation of the Ritex story, after a series of investments in new machinery (still mechanical, but with the first contribution of "electronic" technology) Ritex enters the corsetry world.

Around the mid-1980s began  to develop embroidery with the use of the cord yarn , of which in those times the Swiss were the only ones Manufacturers.

Between the mid and late 1980s, Ritex modified almost all of its machines and became the largest manufacturer of embroidery with "Snurly" (cord) technique.

With a protection and exclusive operation on the import from Japan of water-soluble materials, Ritex begins to produce the first embroidery on elastic fabrics. Practically exclusively, not only for the protections on the materials, but because ignored by all competitors the comfort and ease of fit that such development had brought.

In this period, "La Perla" brand decides to also use the first embroidery in its history on elastic tulle for a series "Malizia" that had an extraordinary success.

Early 90s Ritex changes the rules to embroidery for the umpteenth time.

In 1989 he tested and developed at his factories the first electronic "Epoca Saurer" machines, computers for data control, titanium and aluminum for structures. Changing colors and clipping yarns  automatically and independent needles, a revolution.

In the early 1990s Ritex became the company with the most advanced machine fleet.

Ritex for ten to fifteen years is a leader in the world of embroidery aimed at corsetry/lingerie, thanks to its technique/technology applied to elastic fabrics.

In 2001 Ritex bought the Emme Ricamificio, a historic structure also located in Cardano al Campo. The purchase of the Emme Ricamificio is carried out to give an evolution to the finishing system of products.

Prices for water-soluble fabrics from Japan increased, replacement items created in Europe did not guarantee the same quality, and Emme Ricamificio  was the owner of a patented solvent finishing plant, using as backing the acetate fiber.

This allowed washing of backing at cold and in static, greatly increasing the final quality.

Between 2005 and 2007 at the height of success and with its historical record of turnover behind it, Ritex decided to make a further breakthrough in the production of embroidery.

In cooperation with the companies Saurer and Sait, he installed 4 21-yard machines with more than anything the best technology of the time had developed, integrating them with a flat Laser cut system over the length of 21 yards.

Even today there is no a such developed park machinery in the world.

The ability to cut the fabrics that were used to be cut by hand has increased our competitiveness and service, and allowed and still allows us today a creative "freedom" without equal.

In 2011 Ritex took over the Ricamificio Sciangallo, for years its direct competitor, with the aim of integrating the historical archive and alienating the instrumental goods to other textile companies.

In 2015 Ritex created Ritex Lab, an embroidering company aimed at the clothing world; with Ritex Lab  Ritex has tried high-quality techniques, fabrics and yarn and has opened up a complementary and alternative market to the corsetry one.

To date, Ritex continues to be firmly industry leader with its embroidery, rich in research and technology. Collaborate with the best European brands of corsetry and lingerie.

We develop synergies with printers / finishing companies/ producers of fabrics and yarn with which we creatively evolve embroidery.

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